10/27/15 - 

3 Halloween movies you don’t want to miss

Halloween is getting closer: October 31 is the day! Do you celebrate Halloween at home with your friends and family? Of course, there will be many children at your doorstep for trick ‘r treat. But, asides visiting kids, what else are you going to do on your Halloween night? We prefer a movie night! Which is why we’ve put together a list of our top three horror movies. You can buy these movies with your iTunes Card in the iTunes Store.

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9/18/15 - 

Apple Event: announcements you do not want to miss!

After all the rumors and speculations yesterday, it is time for the facts. During the Apple Event new features and brand new products were presented, including the highly anticipated iPhone 6S. We (from iTunescard) give you an overview of all the new releases.

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8/31/15 - 

The 3 biggest changes of the up-and-coming iTunes Festival

Every iTunes fan knows that September is the month in which they can enjoy amazing live concerts. The perfect start of September. For an entire month the biggest names hit the stage in London and you can watch the performances for free. If you follow the latest updates around Apple, you might already know that the iTunes Festival is undergoing a make-over. But what exactly is going to change? On we like to keep you updated on the newest Apple and iTunes developments. That is why we are providing you with all the iTunes Festival information you need!

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7/2/15 - 

The iPhone Heatwave Plan: 3 tips to prevent iPhone overheating!

You want to enjoy this lovely summer weather we are having at the moment, and who could blame you? Going for a swim, grabbing a drink or having a barbecue: spend as much time outside as possible. And when you do, you probably take your iPhone with you. You are having fun, paying no attention to your phone until you see the dreaded warning: "iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it." No! What now? The best thing you can do is obviously try to avoid receiving this warning. Therefore we have have 3 tips to prevent your iPhone from overheating.

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6/17/15 - 

Apple Music debuts on June 30th

We have been waiting for a while and now the moment has finally arrived. Apple music will debut worldwide in over 100 countries on June 30. The music streaming service gives you access to millions of songs. You can choose between two types of memberships: Single and Family. But you get to start with a 3-month free membership on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or PC. Later this year Android users get the opportunity to download the music service as an app.

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5/22/15 - 

How do I clean up my iTunes library?

Do you like to listen to music and do you store all your favorite song in the iTunes library? You will probably have a pretty stuffed library at some point. All this music takes up a lot of unnecessary space and can even overload your computer. How do you clean up your iTunes library? That is easy! You can do this by transferring all your files to an external drive or to save your files in iCloud. Or you can simply buy extra cloud storage with an iTunescard.

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4/30/15 - 

How do I share iTunes purchases with my family?

Would it not be easy to have all the iTunes purchases of the family on one account? This way you can own every purchase a family members makes, pay everything from one account and monitor all the expenses. This is possible with iCloud! Up to six family members can use each others content without having to share an account. Besides purchases it is also possible to share photo’s, schedules and more. The only thing you need is an Apple ID and one of the following devices: an Apple device with iOS 8 or higher, a Mac with OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12 or a PC with iCloud for Windows 4.

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3/27/15 - 

MTV Movie Awards ‘15: Which movie will win Movie of the Year?

It is almost time for the 24th edition of the MTV Movie Awards. On Sunday April 12th, 8/7C, the show will air live from Los Angeles. Comedian Amy Schumer is this year’s presenter. Of course the most important award is “Movie of the Year”. The following eight movies have been nominated. Who will take home the award?

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2/18/15 - 

Surprise friends with an iTunes Gift Card

If you decide to give someone an iTunes Gift Card, can help you make your present extra special with our gift service. After purchasing an iTunes Gift Card you can choose to generate a PDF with a personal message and gift wrap. Simply download the PDF, print it and wrap your gift! Thanks to you will have a great gift to give to your friends.

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1/26/15 - 

The best of the App Store 2014

As we all know, the first week of 2015 turned out to be a great week for Apple regarding the number of sales in the App Store. Users of Apple-devices all together spent almost half a billion in the App Store, which led to a sales record. In line with this growth, today’s App Store contains more than 1.4 million apps. Obviously it is a hard task to pick out the best apps with so many options. Therefore it may help to look at the prizewinners of 2014. In other words, which apps were announced by Apple as ‘App Store’s best of 2014’?

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7/9/14 - 

Fast and secure iTunes Gift Card email delivery

You can easily and quickly buy your iTunes Gift Card online at You go through a simple ordering process and within minutes you can dispose of your iTunes Gift Card code due to a fast and secure email delivery. First, select an iTunes Card worth one of the following amounts: $10, $15, $20 and $25. Enter your details and pay your order. As soon as payment has been received, the iTunes Card code is displayed on your screen and delivered to you by mail. Therefore, you do not have to go to the store, but you can start using your iTunes Gift Card immediately from your home!

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5/23/14 - 

Suggestions for purchases with an iTunes Card

You can use an iTunes card from to buy apps, music, books and more in the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store and the App Store on your Mac. To give you an idea of what you can purchase with the iTunes Gift Card, we have selected the most popular iTunes purchases for you!

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2/27/14 - 

New: Buy your iTunes Gift Card online

Recently, the website has been launched. You can order iTunes Gift Cards online in a safe and fast way on this website using a few simple steps. iTunes Gift cards allow you to top up the credit of your Apple ID. In that case, you no longer need a credit card to make purchases at the iTunes Store or App Store. Instead, it is deducted from your iTunes Balance.

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