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Apple Event: announcements you do not want to miss!

After all the rumors and speculations yesterday, it is time for the facts. During the Apple Event new features and brand new products were presented, including the highly anticipated iPhone 6S. We (from iTunescard) give you an overview of all the new releases.

During the Apple Event several new and improved Apple products were announced. Itunescard.com gives you an overview!

Pre-order the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus now

You still have to wait a few weeks, but after the release of the iPhone 6S on September 25 we will finally be able to buy the new iPhone. Or, if you preordered the iPhone already, you will receive it soon. The iPhone 6S is released in four colors, including gold and rose gold. There are significant improvements of the camera. The new iSight camera has 12MP, the FaceTime HD Camera has 5MP and on top of that you can shoot videos in HD. But the most important improvement is the new screen technology of the iPhone. Besides the difference between a short and long press, your iPhone knows if you push hard or soft. That is because of the new 3D technology. For example: when you press softly on one of your e-mails you will get a preview, but when you press hard the e-mail will open. This function is very similar to the difference between clicks on your right or left mouse button. Because of this new technology, there are a lot of other functions available.

Bigger than ever: the new iPad

You will have to wait a little longer for the iPad Pro, because it will launch in November in the US. The new iPad is bigger than ever: the cross-section is 12.9 inch. This is not ideal when you have to carry it everywhere, but the new iPad is very powerful with a better performance than an ordinary new PC. Asides that you can also enjoy the high (2732x2048) resolution. A good suggestion is to use the new Apple Pencil, so you will not leave fingerprints on the screen. Or you can buy the new Smart Keyboard: thanks to this external keyboard it feels like you are working on a laptop.

“Let me see family films’’ – the remote control Siri

Another new product in the Apple family is the Apple TV. The Apple TV is faster than ever before and it has the newest wireless technology. The new Apple TV is 10mm higher and it has a new unique remote control: Siri. You can give Siri an order, and she does it. The remote control also has some old familiar buttons and a touchpad. Did you know that you can even play games using the remote control now?

Do you already have an Apple Watch?

If not, then this is an excellent opportunity to purchase one. The Apple Watches looks better than ever because of several new watchbands. To all female sport fans that waited for more colors: the Apple Watch is also available in gold and rose gold. Moreover, the operating system watchOS2 was released two days ago.

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