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How do I clean up my iTunes library?

Do you like to listen to music and do you store all your favorite song in the iTunes library? You will probably have a pretty stuffed library at some point. All this music takes up a lot of unnecessary space and can even overload your computer. How do you clean up your iTunes library? That is easy! You can do this by transferring all your files to an external drive or to save your files in iCloud. Or you can simply buy extra cloud storage with an iTunescard.

Transfer iTunes library to an external drive

You can easily transfer your iTunes library to an external hard drive. It is possible to store thousands of songs on an external drive. First, you have to backup all your files. Next, you need to collect all your iTunes files and place them in a map. This map can be transferred to the hard drive and when you succeed, you can erase the files from your computer. Now you have enough space for other files! Pay attention while you are transferring the files. It would be a shame to accidentally delete files during the transfer-process.clean up iTunes

Purchase extra iCloud storage with an iTunescard

The disadvantage of transferring your files to an external hard drive is that is takes up a lot of your time. A faster way to create more space on your computer is by purchasing extra iCloud storage. You can save all your files in the cloud, so you have enough space on your computer. You get 5GB of free storage from iCloud. If that is not enough, you can buy extra cloud storage from $0.99 (20GB) or more. You can pay the monthly amount with an iTunescard!

Note: you need to pay the amount every month. It will be written of your account, so make sure you have enough credit!

Buy an iTunescard

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