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How do I share iTunes purchases with my family?

Would it not be easy to have all the iTunes purchases of the family on one account? This way you can own every purchase a family members makes, pay everything from one account and monitor all the expenses. This is possible with iCloud! Up to six family members can use each others content without having to share an account. Besides purchases it is also possible to share photo’s, schedules and more. The only thing you need is an Apple ID and one of the following devices: an Apple device with iOS 8 or higher, a Mac with OS X Yosemite and iTunes 12 or a PC with iCloud for Windows 4.

Sharing my iTunes purchases

Do you want to share your content with the rest of the family? Simply go to Configurations and activate ‘’Family Sharing Invitations’’. You can invite five others to share your content and purchases with. If you are the one activating the option, your payment details are connected to the purchases of all the other members. So make sure that the right person activates the iCloud function. All content from the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store is shared with every family member. To activate this option, go to Configurations → iCloud → ‘’Family Sharing Invitations’’. All members can choose to keep certain purchases private.

Set a limit on the purchases

Do not worry, you can control the purchases of the other members! Just switch on the option ‘’Ask to buy’’ for family members under the age of 13. You have to approve every purchase - even the free ones - before they can download it. It is also possible to control the purchases of members who are younger than 18 years. Note: you have to register this when you send the invitations. You cannot control the purchases of members of 18 years and older.

You can also buy your purchases in the App, iTunes and iBooks Store in a fast and simple way with an iTunes Card!

Note: you cannot share iTunes credit with other members of the group.
Buy an iTunes Card

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