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Surprise friends with an iTunes Gift Card

If you decide to give someone an iTunes Gift Card, iTunescard.com can help you make your present extra special with our gift service. After purchasing an iTunes Gift Card you can choose to generate a PDF with a personal message and gift wrap. Simply download the PDF, print it and wrap your gift! Thanks to iTunescard.com you will have a great gift to give to your friends.

iTunes Card as a gift

On iTunescard.com we sell iTunes Gift Cards of $10, $15, $20 and $25. Click on the “order now” button, you can find this button underneath the iTunes Gift Card amount you have chosen. The next step is to fill in your email address and check the box that says “iTunes Card as a gift”. Do not forget this because it is the only way you can add gift wrap and a personal message once we have received your payment. So check the box, choose a payment method, double-check and place your order!

Add a personal message

After a succesful payment your purchased iTunes Gift Card code will appear on your screen. On the bottom of the screen you will see a form labeled “Personal Message”. As the title says, you can add a personal message to the recipient right here.

Choose gift wrap

A gift is not complete without gift wrap. After adding a personal message you will find the option to add gift wrap on the right. On iTunescard.com you can choose between regular gift wrap and public holidays gift wrap. Click on the gift wrap you want and click on the “Download PDF” button. A PDF will be generated. This PDF document will include your iTunes Gift Card code, personal message and gift wrap. If you want to change your personal message after you have generated the PDF, simply change the text in the form and click the “Download PDF” button again. You can do this as often as you would like.

The only thing left for you to do is to print it, fold it, wrap it and your gift is ready to be given away. Surprise your friends and let them choose their own music, movies and games with the iTunes Gift Card!

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