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The 3 biggest changes of the up-and-coming iTunes Festival

Every iTunes fan knows that September is the month in which they can enjoy amazing live concerts. The perfect start of September. For an entire month the biggest names hit the stage in London and you can watch the performances for free.

If you follow the latest updates around Apple, you might already know that the iTunes Festival is undergoing a make-over. But what exactly is going to change?

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The first edition of the iTunes Festival took place in 2007 and included artists like Amy Winehouse, Imogen Heap and Groove Armada. The iTunes Festival 2015 is the ninth edition. Apple thought it was time for a make-over. We will lists the three most important changes!

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Make-over 1: A new name

The iTunes Festival has a brand-new name, Apple Music Festival. The name change does not come as a surprise considering the launch of Apple Music last June. Apple is working hard to make Apple Music the number one music streaming service. The new name lends itself for further promotion.

Make-over 2: Stay up-to-date with Beats 1 and Connect

Beats 1 en Connect are two Apple Music features. Beats 1 is the Apple Music radio station and with Connect you can easily follow all your favorite artists. Tune in on Beats 1 during the festival for exclusive backstage news and footage. Use Connect to follow your favorite performing artists live.

Make-over 3: From a month to 10 days

The Apple Music Festival will be 10 days instead of the usual 30 days. From September 19 to September 28, you can enjoy “ten unbelievable nights featuring some of the best performers on the planet appearing live”, according to Eddie Cue (senior vice president of Internet Software and Service).

There might be a lot of changes, but there is also more than enough that remains the same. For example, you can still watch the concerts live on your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. Stay informed and updated using the new website Applemusicfestival.com.

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