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The best of the App Store 2014

As we all know, the first week of 2015 turned out to be a great week for Apple regarding the number of sales in the App Store. Users of Apple-devices all together spent almost half a billion in the App Store, which led to a sales record. In line with this growth, today’s App Store contains more than 1.4 million apps. Obviously it is a hard task to pick out the best apps with so many options. Therefore it may help to look at the prizewinners of 2014. In other words, which apps were announced by Apple as ‘App Store’s best of 2014’?

When choosing the best apps of 2014, Apple not only made a distinction between the iPhone and iPad, but also between practical apps and games. As a result of these distinctions, four apps received the honorable mention in the category ‘apps’, namely:

- iPhone App of the Year: Elevate - Brain Training
- iPad App of the Year: Pixelmator
- iPhone Game of the Year: Threes!
- iPad Game of the Year: Monument Valley

Elevate - Brain Training

What can you expect from Elevate - Brain Training? It is a brain training program which helps you to develop yourself. More specifically, it improves your focus, speaking abilities, processing speed, memory, math skills and even more. How? Elevate - Brain Training provides you with a personalized program that will be updated over time to maximize results. It has been proved that users of this braintrain-app show great increase in productivity and self-confidence.


The iPad of the Year-app Pixelmator is an editor-app which you can use to edit images. The strength of this app is its high ease of use, as the slogan makes clear: ‘Image editing for the rest of us’. So if you are not quite handy with editing images, you should definitely give it a try using Pixelmator!


If you have a fondness for puzzling you should really try Threes!. The goal in this numerical puzzle game is to merge tiles situated next to each other, whereby the sum of these two tiles should be dividable by three. Threes! is not only a challenging game, but also a great way to train your math skills.

Monument Valley

The best game for the iPad of 2014 is another puzzle game called Monument Valley. In this game you have to guide Ida, the character you control, through different, complex levels. These levels contain several extraordinary buildings, based on the beautiful works of the famous Dutch artist M.C. Escher. By moving these buildings into the right direction Ida will be able to find her way through each level.

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